Charge Your Electric Car Anywhere with Reliable Portable EV Chargers

The rise in fuel prices has led many customers to turn to electric cars. These cars run on electricity and are environmentally friendly as they do not release pollution. These cars function with rechargeable batteries that power an electric motor. To charge these cars, you need a charger.

Why Opt for Type 2 Charging Cables?

If you have been searching for information on electric cars, you might have seen Type 2 portable chargers. Charging cables for electric vehicles are of 2 types: Type 1 and type 2 chargers. So, what is the hype about these Type 2 chargers and why do you need one?

A Type 2 Portable Charger is a European standard plug-type that comes with 7 pin connection at both ends. The best part is that it can be plugged into your home plug points and even public car chargers. It is always better to go in for credible trading companies such as Jucer that offer a wide range of EV charging products at economical rates.

When compared to Type1 chargers, the Type 2 version delivers 6.2 to 7.6 kW and allows up to 43kW AC charging more than DC charging. In simple words, you will be charging faster with a Type 2 charger, which requires around 3-8 hours. A Type 1 charger will take around 11-20 hours to fully charge.

If you have to commute long distances for work, then you might find EV portable chargers to be the best option for you. It will leave you with peace of mind. However, you might need to find public charging stations to charge your vehicle.

In case you do not know of any public charging stations, you can always rely on your vehicle dealer to provide a charging station for you.

Benefits of Type 2 Chargers

If you are purchasing EV chargers for the first time, you might wonder if your vehicle is compatible with Type 2 chargers or not. Generally, Type 2 chargers are compatible with almost any EV vehicle. If you have doubts, you can always consult with your vehicle supplier and then make a decision.

Some of the benefits of opting for Type 2 chargers are:

  • You do not require any charging stations to charge your vehicle
  • You can carry them with you while traveling
  • These chargers come with indicators that do not allow your EV battery to overcharge
  • When your battery reaches optimal charging capacity, these chargers slow down the charge to 1 Amp
  • Some of these come with a digital display that shows you how many minutes left to full charge
  • Good quality Type 2 chargers come with durable materials that last for long

Type 2 chargers are gaining a lot of popularity amongst EV owners who are interested in quickly charging their cars without having to worry about overheating. You might have to research a bit on good-quality chargers before you purchase one.


Start your day with a fully charged EV vehicle without worrying about overcharging. Type 2 chargers are convenient as you have complete control over your energy consumption and avoid the hassles of paying huge electricity bills.