Everything About Hydrogen Water and its Growing Popularity

What ever it might be a bottle, boxed, pouched, or canned water it will still remain as water. Right? Browse through the section beverage at any supermarket this day, you will definitely be bombarded with the number of options that promises to provide drinks with the ultimate amount of hydration.

With alkaline, sparkling, and electrolyte infused options taking up more shelf real estate, it might feel like plain H20 is just a relic. One of the recent additions to the cool liquid line is hydrogen water. It started of in the United States around four years ago. Times away now there are multiple companies that are trying to get their version of souped up water.

What is hydrogen water and how are they produced?

Plain water contains hydrogen naturally, but alkaline water has extra hydrogen gas added to it. This does not get the pH level altered or change the structure of water molecules.

Hydrogen water is produced by adding pure gaseous form of hydrogen into the water along with oxygen gas.

Since molecular hydrogen is tasteless and odorless, hydrogen gas doesn’t have any different taste than regular water. The beverages company claims that adding extra molecules of hydrogen to the products gets more benefits to drinkers like additional energy, slows the process of aging, and reduces inflammation. 

In Japan, hydrogen water has been turning popular for the last several years. There have been hydrogen water bottles available at home with just a single machine.

Piurify water hydrogenator provides a simple way to turn your normal water into hydrogen water. It adds a gaseous form of hydrogen and bubbles up the water with its richness.

Unalike regular water the benefits in hydrogen water are capable to be fizzled out quickly. You need to consume it in with 15 to 30 minutes of opening the bottle, only then you can ingest hydrogen in the maximum amount possible.

As hydrogen is a gas, like carbon dioxide in carbonate water it can readily dissipate the water out.

The market materials for certain brands promise consumers that hydrogen water can help with muscle fatigue, speed up workout recovery, reduce inflammation and even get antioxidants to fight the radicals, but the actual science behind any of these claims is inconclusive.

Certain research on health shows positive benefits of having hydrogen water, but in conclusion, larger and longer studies need to be done.

Hydrogen water generally is recognized as safe. It has been approved for the consumption by humans and has not been found any kind of hard for the human body or health.

You need to be aware that no industry so far has got a standard on the capacity of hydrogen that should be present in the water. As result, there can be a wide difference in the concentration. It is still not sure how much hydrogen water should be consumed to get the benefits of them.

If you want to try them out, professionals suggest to consume it in containers that are non-permeable and drink it quickly to get the right benefits.